CGI Studies

Sunlight analysis and shadow studies, reflection studies, product and prototype visualisation, exhibition 3D.

Shadow 1
Interior Cutaway 1

Proviz offer a range of visualisation services as follows:

Sunlight Analysis and Shadow Studies for Planning Submissions

We use highly technical methods to depict verifiable sunlight and shadowing over a structure during the course of a typical year. Using ‘Real World’ global lighting settings within our 3D models, accurate representations can be visualised and presented to planners.


Cut-away Buildings, objects

Take a birds eye view into the rooms of a building by cutting away the rooftop in 3D or see the inner workings of a machine.


Reflection Studies

Proviz can demonstrate how new structures within an urban setting can be reflected in neighbouring buildings or how existing buildings are reflected on new buildings.


Product and Prototype Visualisation

Newly developed products such as medical devices, food packaging, machinery etc can be made real and even animated for presentations or use on web.


Point of Sale & Exhibition 3D

We can visualise sales kiosks, exhibition stands, point of sale stands.